But those who trust in the LORD will find strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary, They will walk and not faint. ~ Isaiah 40:31

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Welcome to the official Wings Outreach website

WELCOME to the NEW Web Site of Wings Outreach! Looking for FELLOWSHIP with others who have disabilities? Desiring SOCIAL ACTIVITIES (fully accessible) to meet new friends? Want help ADJUSTING to a new disability? Need the SERVICES of a chaplain or spiritual counselor? WINGS OUTREACH MAY BE FOR YOU!

Our goal is to be a help for you as a disabled person or to help you in understanding persons with disabilities.

This site is an ongoing labor of love operated mostly by volunteers who just love people and who want all to know the joy we experience no matter what our physical condition might be. Attitude goes so far in getting the most out of this one life that we are given. We look forward to the life to come after this one, and want to share all that we have discovered to make this one life count way beyond our disabilities and beyond the grave, to a time when we are promised by our Maker that THE LAME WILL LEAP LIKE A DEER! Others, too, shall be given sight who are now blind, the deaf will be able to hear, and the slow of mind will be as bright as they can be.

Some consider the disabled persons to be second class citizens even though they might not verbalize that, and dismiss them as not being viable or credible in so many areas. If the truth were known, including all disabilities, disabled persons make up around one sixth of the population, and if all put on the same continent, I am told we would be the third largest nation in the world.

IF YOU ARE A PHYSICALLY DISABLED PERSON, we want you to know that WINGS is your friend. We exist to lend a helping hand, especially in the area of making people as complete or whole in ways that count. Not that we can supply all your needs, but we want to help in any way we can.

IF YOU ARE AN ABLE-BODIED PERSON, as some of us once were, they want to show their appreciation of their good physical health by giving of themselves in various ways to those who do not have that advantage. I like what a friend once said, who is no longer with us, Shirley Locker, "ALL OF US ARE DISABLED TO SOME DEGREE! ON SOME OF US, IT IS NOTICEABLE!" No one has it all! There are some things that you may not be able to do, that a person with a physical disability might be able to do for you. Pooling what we do have is part of what we are all about. CHECK OUT what services we provide, considering that we are located in three areas, The Twin Cities of Minnesota, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Rochester, Minnesota, and Sparta/LaCrosse, Wisconsin at the present time. There is a possibility of a branch starting up in Duluth, Minnesota at this time, as well as down in Florida.

COME AND JOIN US AT WINGS where we celebrate uniqueness and believe in employing what we DO have that we can use, rather than crying about or dwelling on what we do not have. TRY us, we think you will like us!

Watch this space for updates as to our progress!


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